Do you need a new roof?

The tell tale signs of needing a roof are simple.

  1. Is it leaking?
  2. Are shingles curling?
  3. Are there more granules at the bottom of your downspouts than on your shingles?
  4. Are pieces of shingles laying around the yard?
  5. Has it been more than 20 years since you last had your roof evaluated or replaced?
  6. Do you have paint bubbles in your ceiling, walls or windows?
  7. Is there more tar than flashing around your chimney and pipes?
  8. Was the last roof installed by a family member or friend who wasn’t a professional roofer?
  9. Have you used a hammer or hatchet to remove ice dams?
  10. Was your home subject to a severe wind or hail storm?
Take the time in the spring and fall to look up and walk around.
If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to call Chess Roofing and Siding.
One of the owners will be happy to schedule an appointment to do a free evaluation or estimate for your home.
Call Chess Roofing & Siding at 248-398-1050
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