How Does Homeowner’s Insurance Work?

I wish I could tell you specific details, but I can’t.

Our experience, particularly this year with a July hail storm has been spuratic.  In most cases an adjuster comes out to assess the damage, sometimes meeting the contractor on site.  The adjuster leaves to consider the value of what work should be done and submits the assessment to the homeowner with the payout amount.

Sometimes the deductable is more than the cost of work and the homeowner will decide to pass if there is no immediate concern for leaks.  We’ve seen deductables at $5,000. and that is sometimes more than the cost of a new roof.

Other times, the decision of the adjuster for the cost of the job allows people to consider not only doing their roof but to take the lifetime vacation they’ve been dreaming of.

In my opinion I think you could have 1 home with 10 different adjusters and 10 different insurance companies and you would get 10 very different opinions.

We have seen insurance companies pay homeowners 3 to 4 times the value of the job.  Other times the homeowner is lucky to get a repair on something that our professional opinion would need to be completely replaced.

This being said, our advice; take a chance if you have damage to your home from anything and contact your insurance company to get their professional opinion.  It costs nothing and may be a considerable help.


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