How to Choose a Contractor

When considering a contractor, do not let the price be your deciding factor.  You must look thoroughly at what that price includes.

Does it include the permit?

A permit is required in most communities.  If a contractor asks you to pull the permit then you assume the responsibility.  If the job has not been done according to code or manufacturer specification there is no recourse to pursue the contractor.

Call your building department and inquire if a permit is required for the work that is being done.  This applies to all alterations to your home that is being done by a contractor.

The City of Detroit requires a notarized signature from the homeowner and the contractor.  The contractor should leave a yellow four page document with you once you have decided to go ahead or at the time of the estimate.

A permit assures you the contractor has a current license and insurance and has been verified by your city building department.

Keep in mind that you are no longer purchasing a roof, but a roofing system.  Ventilation is key to any roofing..  You are required to have intake and outtake ventilation for every 300 sq. feet of attic space.  This complies with city and state building codes and manufacturer warranties.

Be sure that your contractor has specified a tear off  or a recover over existing shingles.

Install drip edge on all rake edges and eave edges.

Ice and water shield needs to be a minimum of 24” to the inside edge of the house.  It should be in all valleys, around protrusions and chimneys to assure resistance to leaking.

Felt paper is part of the under-layment that is required by code, there are several products that may be used.

All flashing replaced including, step, apron, chimney and pipe covers.

Do they stay on the job until it is completed?

Do they tear it all off then cover it with a tarp?

Are they careful of landscaping?

Do they clean-up the debris and haul it away?

Do they replace rotted wood where needed?

How long have they been in business?

Do they have referrals or reviews?

Are they a member of the BBB or Angie’s List.

Chess will not tear off more than we can complete in a day.  We will always make sure your home is protected from the elements.

Chess Roofing & Siding will achieve all of these goals in a reasonable time frame.


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About Gethin

Chess Roofing & Siding was started by David Chess in 1974. David and Sharon Chess are the business owners and live in the community of Ferndale. Chess is exceptional in residential roofing and siding experience and expertise. Keeping up on new and innovative products to offer for all types of jobs small and large. Gethin loves to help with the tough choice of color and design options that are available to enhance the appearance and curb appeal of your home. The company is active in the Ferndale and South Lyon Communities and help to support or sponsor many community events and programs. Gethin Jones, son of Sharon Chess, is business partner of Chess Roofing and Siding. He brings 20 years of experience with expertise in business management and sales. The crews with Chess have been with the company for many years. They are trust worthy and exceptionally thorough when working with our homeowners. Our crews are what make us the Company to depend on to get the best workmanship possible while working on your home.
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