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What Not to Use When Breaking Up an Ice Dam on Your Roof

Often we are called in the dead of winter to remedy a leaking roof.  The customer will say he did everything to remove the ice dam and just couldn’t brake it up.  Homeowner’s often use drastic measures to remove ice … Continue reading

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Is the Frankenstorm ‘Sandy’ Doing Damage to Your Roof or Siding?

The winds are blowing steady and strong in the Metro Detroit area and may cause damage to your roof and siding. Look up when leaving your home to see if shingles are lifted or missing tabs.  They may be on … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Contractor

When considering a contractor, do not let the price be your deciding factor.  You must look thoroughly at what that price includes. Does it include the permit? A permit is required in most communities.  If a contractor asks you to … Continue reading

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How to Tell If You’ve Got Proper Ventilation

1. Is it hotter in your upstairs than in your in the lower level? 2. Does your air conditioner seem to run non-stop? 3. Are your shingles showing signs of premature curling? 4. Is everyone who has a bedroom in … Continue reading

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How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

The cold weather is fast approaching and you need to check your roof for any possible concerns or problems. Walk around your home with a critical eye.  Do you see lifted shingles, holes where the neighborhood critters are trying to … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Baffling

1. What is a baffle? Answer: A 4′ piece of polystyrene or cardboard shaped similar to the letter ‘W’ and 16″ wide to fit between the rafter boards. 2. When is a baffled used? Answer: When the airflow from the … Continue reading

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